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2025 Kia Mid-Size Truck Spy Photos and Specs Preview

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There are a few names we can run into – Mohave, Tasman and Telluride pickup. One thing is sure – the 2025 Kia mid-size truck is on its way, while details about the new vehicle are going to be unveiled periodically. The Korean company is now showing more signs of development of the pickup. Tasman is confirmed for Korea. There is no way the manufacturer is going to launch the truck in other countries, without heading to the US market. Kia wants to compete at the highest level and the mid-size pickup will show that.

The company is working on this project for a long time. Well, it all started 20 years ago with the Mojave concept. This truck has never entered production. Now, the interest is revived. For some while, fans and experts were sure the upcoming Kia pickup is going to be a mid-size model. But, with the emergence of the compact truck class, new options were open. It is still a new segment and the 2025 Kia mid-size truck is a far more likely option to happen. The Korean manufacturer won’t just sit and watch others claiming profit from compact tier, so this kind of pickup is possible in the future as well.

2025 Kia Mid-Size Truck release date

2025 Kia Mid-Size Truck Release Date

The new pickup is under development. The company is not unveiling details since the release date is not set yet. Enthusiasts are pretty confident it is coming out as the 2025 YM. But, we need to wait for the confirmation. Kia will have to speed up the process. The mid-size truck market is one of the hottests. Such pickups survived the rush of versatile SUVs and companies building them are now focused on towing capacity and working efficiency. That is exactly what the 2025 Kia mid-size truck needs.

What We Know So Far?

Back in the early 2000s, Kia wanted to launch a pickup truck. The Mojave concept looked cool for that time, although it was using a unibody architecture. After a couple of years of development, the company left the project. Funds and overall orientation were forwarded to the SUV and crossover classes that started generating more profit.

A few years ago, rumors about the Kia truck started floating again. However, besides the old concept, we had nothing to prove any work. The mid-size class seemed to be a perfect fit for the new vehicle, especially if Kia decides to use a body frame from the Mohave SUV. Then, when the compact pickup class entered the market, it opened room for more speculation. With another Korean company, Hyundai, launching its small truck, Santa Cruz, many experts believed Kia will follow these footsteps.

2025 Kia Mid-Size truck spy photos
Spy photos from Korea

Tasman Pickup Confirmed, Arrives Soon

Today, we know the carmaker wants to test its limits by expanding the lineup to a new segment. Not only enthusiasts are fantasizing about the 2025 Kia mid-size truck, but it slowly becomes a reality. The Tasman is under development and it could be the nameplate for the pickup. Although the company confirmed the new vehicle, they didn’t unveil too many details. We know it will use a ladder frame, which suggests the Tasman won’t be a compact truck. Going to the full-size market makes no sense, especially in Australia and South Korea, where Tasman is heading first.

We examined reports from this part of the world and the debut of the new model is set for the first half of 2025. The truck will use BoF architecture and Tasman is a code name. Tests haven’t started yet, so there are no spy photos to show us glimpses of the upcoming pickup. The production takes place in South Korea. The truck won’t be exported to the US from there. In North American plants will be built a version for this part of the globe.

2025 Kia Mid-Size truck spy photos

2025 Kia Mid-Size Truck Specs

While the 2025 Kia mid-size truck is an all-new vehicle, we don’t think the company is going to finance the development of the engine for this vehicle. Instead, a V6 from Telluride SUV could be a perfect solution. With 290 hp, it fits perfectly in this class. However, we can’t ignore the new trend – other truckmakers are replacing big rigs with smaller, turbocharged displacement, improving efficiency without sacrificing power and towing capacity. Not only V8 plants are under fire because of the fuel consumption, but also V6 units similar to the 3.8-liter drivetrain Kia is using. So, don’t be surprised if the truck arrives with a turbo-four engine with improved mileage. Still, an 8-speed automatic transmission is standard and the towing capacity must be at least 6,000 pounds.

Of course, there are speculations about a hybrid pickup and a completely electric truck. Kia won’t experiment there. A hybrid system would be a great addition to the compact vehicle. The 2025 Kia mid-size truck needs power and towing capacity. In the future, more EVs are going to emerge, which is not a strange realm for the Korean carmaker. Niro is one of the best electric crossovers in the world.

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