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2025 VW ID Buzz Electric Minivan (Minibus) Will be Priced From $55,000 in the US

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The new minivan debuted in the European market. Now, we expect to see the 2025 VW ID Buzz in the US. Of course, this version is going to be slightly different than the European microbus. We assume there will be a long-wheelbase platform available for the North American market. The German carmaker overcame the emission report scandal and now Volkswagen is more involved in the zero-emission world. They won’t need fake results here. The ID lineup is growing and the Buzz is one of the most exciting models out there.

The US version of the minibus is going to have the third row of seats. That means it is bigger than the European model. From the outside, the vehicle really looks like a minivan, but it is actually a bus. The color palette will offer 10 colors for the exterior and 3 inside. Of course, it will all depend on the type of upholstery you pick. The interior is spacious and full of advanced features. the highlight is the autonomous drive system called ID Pilot.

The range of the 2025 VW ID Buzz will be around 260 miles. However, it will depend on the overall weight. The company dropped the ID California concept because of the curb weight that harmed the range. A two-motor system will also arrive later in 2025.

2025 VW ID Buzz price

2025 VW ID Buzz Specs and Range

The electric minivan / minibus is going to sit on the MEB platform. The German company is using it for all EVs. Anyhow, the 2025 VW ID Buzz will use a longer wheelbase. This won’t just make more room for passengers, but also for the battery. The short-wheelbase version in Europe is powered by an 82 kWh battery, while the larger US van gets a 91 kWh mill. That will help the Buzz achieve 282 hp, which is being sent to the rear wheels. Euro-spec model delivers 201 horsepower. All-wheel drive is optional. The upcoming Volkswagen Buzz is going to get a two-motor configuration with 330 hp and extra miles.

The company promises 260 miles on a single charge. However, the EPA is yet to confirm the range. What makes us surprised is the advertised range of the AWD version. According to VW, this one can do 252 miles, just 8 shorter than the standard RWD. Most experts saw it under 220 miles. We’ll see what’s the range of the dual-motor configuration. A larger battery makes the Buzz heavier and more equipment will be available for the high-end package.

2025 VW ID Buzz range

Interior and Exterior Highlights

Inside the 2025 VW ID Buzz US edition there are three rows of seats. The European model accommodates passengers in two rows. Well, the minivan for North America is about 10 inches longer thanks to the long-wheelbase platform. You can also choose between captain’s chairs and benches. If we continue to compare two vehicles for different markets, the new Buzz also comes with ceiling-mounted air vents, 50/50-split folding bench, third-row cupholders and additional USB ports. There is no opening window in this area. The cargo room is pretty tight as a result of adding more seats. You can fold the rear row and create extra space for items.

Outside, the US Buzz is larger than the European model. Its dimensions are 192.4 inches in length and 78 inches of width. For example, these sizes make the minivan similar to the Atlas. A larger sliding door will make an entrance easier. The exterior look is definitely putting the 2025 VW ID Buzz in the minivan class, but it is advertised as a minibus. For now, nine colors are in the palette, including some two-tone combos.

2025 VW ID Buzz Pricing and Additional Options

The base version of the 2025 VW ID Buzz is expected to cost around $55,000. Well, this is still an advanced technology. Plus, that is an estimation for the entry-level model. Volkswagen will offer tons of optional features, although the base model is pretty nicely packed. Faux-leather seats, power tailgate, heated and ventilated seats, multi-zone climate control and keyless entry are standard. All the important features are available for the safety suite – adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitor, and parking sensors are just some of the highlights.

Optional upgrades and accessories offered on higher trim levels are premium Harman Kardon audio, a panoramic sunroof with tinting, automatic parking and a higher level of autonomous drive. With all these additions, the price of the 2025 Volkswagen Buzz will exceed $70,000. If you plan to buy this EV, keep in mind the EV tax credit of up to $7,500.

2025 VW ID Buzz interior

Release Date

The vehicle is official and it is just a matter of time before the 2025 VW ID Buzz will hit US dealerships. Reservations are not open yet. The company plans to import the minivan from Germany in the beginning. The vehicle is definitely a 2025 YM, which means we can see the first units at dealerships late in 2024.

If you are looking for alternatives, you won’t find electric minivans in the US market yet. Canoo has an interesting concept, but we don’t expect it in production so soon. Maybe some electric SUVs or minivans with hybrid drivetrains can be a good replacement.

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