2024 Honda Element Rendering

2024 Honda Element Comeback: Could This Be More Than Rumor?

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Honda Element may be gone for a long time, but it is still a beloved small SUV. Launched in 2003, the Element made a lasting impression with its unique boxy shape, spacious interior, and versatile features. Though production ended in 2011, the Element continues to hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. It is famous for its practicality and distinctive charm, so much so that people love to hear rumors about its comeback. The most recent ones suggest a comeback already in the next year, with the 2024 Honda Element model.

In recent years, rumors of a potential revival of the Honda Element have sparked excitement among fans. So far, the officials have been quiet. Still, we are pretty sure they have noticed how people react to comeback rumors. For that reason, the management is, at least, considering this revival. For now, let’s take a look at these rumors and see what experts and crows expect from this potential comeback.

2024 Honda Element Render

2024 Honda Element Design

The old Honda Element was designed with functionality in mind. Its compact yet boxy exterior provided a spacious interior that maximized utility. Simply, that combination of compact size yet impressive practicality made it a real legend. For that reason, it’s easy to predict the design of the future model. Enthusiasts already came up with rendering photos and they all show the familiar boxy shape, packed in a modern package, with lots of futuristic details.

As for the mechanics, we presume most parts would be shared with the current models in Honda’s lineup, particularly models like CR-V and Civic. Still, we won’t exclude the possibility of seeing Honda utilizing a completely new architecture, as some sources suggest that this comeback might bring an all-electric iteration.

2024 Honda Element Rendering


The cabin featured a practical, wipe-down floor that was perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, pet owners, and families alike. The rear seats could be easily folded up and against the sidewalls, creating an expansive cargo area capable of accommodating large items such as bicycles, surfboards, or camping gear. All that worked great in combination with the model’s boxy shape.

We all remember Element for the amazing clamshell doors, which offered easy access to both the front and rear seats. On the other hand, the overall interior quality wasn’t all that great. Cheap materials were everywhere, so we presume that could be one of the focus points of the next generation. Of course, modern tech features are also highly anticipated.

2024 Honda Element Performance and Efficiency:

Under the hood, the Honda Element offered reliable and efficient powertrains. Initially equipped with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, it delivered sufficient power for everyday driving and excelled in fuel efficiency. The available all-wheel-drive system further enhanced the vehicle’s capability, ensuring confident performance in various weather conditions and light off-road situations.

Of course, these are different times. The legendary K24 engine will have to be replaced in the new model and we presume some sort of electrification could happen very easily. The first pick would be a hybrid powertrain. We are thinking of Honda’s latest system, based on a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which puts out 184 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque.

Also, we already mentioned the possibility to see an all-electric version. In that case, the new Element could easily rely on GM’s Ultium battery technology.

2024 Honda Element Motortrend
Source: MotorTrend

Safety and Technology:

Honda has always placed a strong emphasis on safety, and the Element was no exception. It boasted a range of safety features, including antilock brakes, stability control, and front-seat side airbags. The tall driving position provided excellent visibility, further enhancing safety on the road.

Of course, things are much different these days, with all the advanced technology we can see in modern cars. We have no doubt that Honda would implement all of them and load this SUV with pretty much everything the Japanese model has to offer. The same thing is with tech and convenience features, where we expect to see goodies like the latest infotainment system with a massive screen, as well as a digital instrument cluster, as well as all kinds of modern connectivity features.

2024 Honda Element Release Date and Price

Although the officials are still quiet, there is a good number of rumors that suggest this comeback already in the next year. If that happens, we estimate that base models would go between 25.000 and 30.000 dollars, or a little bit more if the company decides to offer an all-electric iteration.


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  1. Can’t wait much longer my ford focus is starting to hurt my back getting in and out. I miss my 2007 Tangerine orange element.should never have sold it.???? Honda please hurry up!

  2. Catherine Clayton |

    Yes, please bring back the Element. I had 2, with the last one being a 2013, and I wish I never sold it. It was probably my most loved vehicle to drive.

  3. This could be a wonderful reunion, however I think I can speak for many and say please keep it basic. We don’t need a battery car, we don’t need power windows & locks. Price is critical, save to EX trim levels and all the lux this needs to be basic transportation for everyday Joe.


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