2022 VW Touran

2022 VW Touran Review, Specs, Features, Price

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In parts of the world like Europe, the segment of minivans is still very alive. There is a bunch of different models, which are all practical and very functional. As the biggest manufacturer on the Old Continent, Volkswagen also comes with a couple of models of this type, including the Touran, which is pretty compact in size. It’s been around for a while but the company’s management doesn’t feel it needs updates, so the 2022 VW Touran continues in the same way.

This means that you may count on a minivan that isn’t particularly attractive, but has a lot of good things to offer. We like its practical cabin, as well as a pretty good overall build quality. Furthermore, the engine lineup includes some pretty impressive options, while the ride quality is surprisingly good for the class.

2022 VW Touran

2022 VW Touran Design

Design-wise, the 2022 VW Touran has brought no bigger changes. It is still based on the design that was introduced way back in 2015. Since then, not many things have changed and the new model continues to ride on the familiar MQB platform. Most parts are shared with the previous-generation Golf Mk7, some even with the Tiguan, so it’s no wonder that the ride quality is similar as well.

Other things are pretty similar too, including the styling. The front end looks similar to the super-popular hatchback, with the same headlights and grille design and therefore, it feels a little bit outdated when compared to the younger competition, such as Citroen Grand C4 Spracetourer, for example.


The same thing is with the interior design. If you look at the dashboard, you will find a typical VW approach. The dashboard looks very simple, where functionality has priority over style. Still, we can’t deny that the materials and build quality are really fine, despite the dull aesthetics. The dashboard comes with a decently-sized infotainment screen, while there is a long list of standard equipment as well. You can also get a long list of convenience features, including tri-zone climate control, navigation, panoramic sunroof and more. There is also a decent list of safety and driver-assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, lane keep assist and many more.

Still, the best thing about this cabin is the amount of space and the overall level of practicality. The 2022 VW Touran may not be the prettiest model in the class but its boxy shape provides excellent functionality. There are three rows of seats, where the third row folds flat and provides a large cargo area. The first two rows are pretty spacious and comfortable, while the third can be useful too. Still, we recommend the bigger Sharan if you plan to use the third row more frequently.

2022 VW Touran Engines

Under the hood, the 2022 VW Touran comes with a well-balanced list of powertrain options. Smaller units were discontinued, so there are practically just two options now. The first one is a 1.5-liter turbo-four petrol unit, which puts out around 150 horsepower. It replaced the older-generation 1.4-liter unit and it feels a little bit more refined.

For those who prefer diesel power, a good-old 2.0-liter TDI is available too. The max output goes around 150 horsepower, while the smaller 1.6-liter TDI is no longer on the offer.

Both engines now come only with a dual-clutch automatic transmission.

2022 VW Touran

2022 VW Touran Price

The 2022 VW Touran starts at around £30.000 in the UK, while the European models go around €28.000. Key competitors are models like Citroen Grand C4 Spracetourer, BMW Series 2 Gran Tourer etc.

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