2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV front

2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV – New Gen FJ Cruiser?

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This has been a great year for all Toyota lovers, especially off-road enthusiasts. The new Tacoma was presented, while the Land Cruiser came back to North America after a relatively short hiatus. But that’s not all, because another model is on the way, according to the latest reports. Namely, we are all expecting to see the brand-new 2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV, which is expected to be a spiritual successor of the famous FJ cruiser.

The company already presented a concept version of it, called Compact Cruiser and that model brought some pretty interesting design solutions styling-wise, so we all hope that the production version is about to go in the same direction. But, what’s even more intriguing is that this will be the company’s first off-roader powered by an all-electric powertrain. So, all in all, there is a good portion of interesting things to expect from the new 2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV.

2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV

2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV Design

As for the overall design, the only thing we can do at the moment is to refer to the Compact Cruiser Concept. This particularly refers to the styling and the overall design approach. This is expected to be a kind of lifestyle vehicle, with a styling that doesn’t necessarily stick with the brand’s contemporary design language, even though some similarities with the recently revived Land Cruiser can be seen. This model takes a bit of a futuristic design approach and combines with a solid amount of retro details. The philosophy is similar to the old FJ Cruiser, but in a slightly different way, as this model mimics Toyota’s legends from a different era, with those square lighting groups.

Just one look and you can clearly see that this SUV has big off-road aspirations. Moreover, there is a good reason to believe that this is going to be a genuine body-on-frame SUV, with accentuated ruggedness and a solid amount of off-road hardware. But, more details will be known once the company announces the production version, which is expected to happen in the near future.

2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV specs


At this point, it’s still early to talk about interior details but some things can easily predicted, starting from the overall layout. The concept version features a four-door design, so we expect nothing different in the production model. With its compact size, the 2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV should be able to accommodate adults in both rows, while the boxy shape should ensure a sufficient amount of headroom and cargo space.

As for the aesthetics, we presume that the dashboard is going to follow the overall design approach of the vehicle and bring some mix of futuristic and retro vibes. Furthermore, there should be a generous amount of tech features, but it’s still hard to say more on this matter.

2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV Powertrain

As for the powertrain, details are still unavailable. This is one of the rare aspects that Toyota still needs time to catch up with rivals. It released just one EV so far, but we don’t expect the 2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV to share the battery and other electric components. No, this SUV is expected to come with something more capable and, importantly, more advanced, as the bZ4X doesn’t impress in terms of range, charging speed and similar things.

This may be one of the first models to come with the latest technology Toyota officials talked about recently, which should revolutionize the EV world with 900+ miles of range in certain versions. Of course, we don’t the 2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV to offer such impressive autonomy, but we count on significant improvements over bZ4X in terms of charging speed, range etc.

2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV front

2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV Release Date

The officials are still quiet about the 2024 Toyota LiteCruiser EV, but we presume this model could happen pretty soon, as the concept version looked very production-ready – maybe already in the next year.

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