2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid – YES; AWD and Redesign – NO

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It’s been a while since the Odyssey lost the leading position in the minivan market. These days, it lags behind key competitors, such as Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica. Still, it is a good minivan, and many believe that, with a few enhancements, it could be a leader once again. Therefore, it’s no wonder that we can hear a lot of rumors about the next year’s refresh, which would be the second update of the current generation. At this point, the 2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid is one of the most anticipated things, but other interesting updates have been rumored as well.

For example, some sources suggest that the next year’s Odyssey could finally get an AWD version, something this minivan has been missing so far. Still, the actual chances to see such a version aren’t too big, as they would require certain modifications on the chassis.

In any case, we believe that this update could happen already by the end of this year.

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid
2023 Honda Odyssey

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Specs

As we’ve just mentioned, the 2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid is probably the most anticipated thing for the next year. The current generation is available only with a good-old 3.5-liter V6, which has been around for a long time. It puts out around 280 horsepower, which is plenty enough for a convenient ride. However, the engine is not as efficient as the hybrid versions of key rivals.

Namely, the Sienna uses a classic self-charging hybrid setup that offers a great balance between price and fuel economy. On the other hand, Chrylser offers a more capable setup, which may be more expensive but also offers way better fuel economy.

In the case of Honda, things are still hard to predict, because Honda still doesn’t have such a setup in its portfolio. Therefore, we can hear both rumors about a classic setup, as well as a more advanced plug-in hybrid version, which would be based on a turbo-four engine and offer more than 300 horsepower.

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Design

As we’ve just mentioned, the redesign won’t happen but on the other hand, we might see another update. The current generation has been around since 2018 and received an update in 2021. Now, it looks like we could see another refresh. We presume that the focus would be on styling updates, though a couple of novelties on the inside are possible too.

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid
2023 Honda Odyssey

Of course, the 2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid would come with all those updates. We presume that the focus would be on front-end aesthetics, which would bring revised headlights, grille, and similar things. New wheels are also possible, just like the new color options. On the other hand, the mechanical aspect of the vehicle will certainly remain the same.


As we’ve just mentioned, the interior could also get a few updates but we are pretty sure that most things will remain the same. Simply, the current model already looks pretty well, thanks to the modern dashboard design, which is complemented by quality materials and great build quality. There is also a pretty decent amount of tech features, though we might see things like a new infotainment screen and more connectivity features.

On the other, the overall cabin layout will remain the same. You may count on the same three-row configuration, with plenty of space in each of them. The seats are well-shaped and comfortable, perfect for long journeys.

Just like the current model, the 2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid will offer a lot of cargo space. However, it will continue with the same drawbacks, which mostly refer to the fact that the second-row seats don’t fold flat and have to be physically removed if you want to use maximum space.

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Interior
2023 Honda Odyssey Interior


As we’ve just mentioned, the next year’s model might come with a couple of novelties in terms of standard and available equipment.  For reference, the current model comes standard with goodies like an 8-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, satellite radio, HD Radio, two USB ports, Bluetooth a seven-speaker audio system, tri-zone automatic climate control, proximity keyless entry, and push-button start.

We presume that some of the currently optional features could become part of the standard equipment. The current list of options includes goodies like a Wi-Fi hot spot, wireless device charging, navigation, a rear-seat entertainment system, an 11-speaker premium audio system, additional USB ports, a universal garage-door opener, a 115-volt household-style power outlet, ambient interior LED lighting, a power liftgate, a hands-free power liftgate, a moonroof, etc.

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Release Date and Price

The 2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid could arrive already by the end of this year. If it arrives, we presume it will cost a little bit more than the gasoline version, which currently starts at around 38.000 dollars.

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  1. I’ve heard it will still be a half hearted n dishonest design by just adding a small enough battery say between driver n side passenger.. this small box will help only in stop n go situations like traffic signals etc.. yes moving to stop takes 1st gear hence lot of fuel to overcome inertia but that will be it.. to keep u n me hanging in between of wet dreams n shouting full battery is coming too.. full battery is coming too.. by then siena will be phev (from ev) n will have all seats folding seats under floor.. even driver one!.. floor cushions n smoke baby!

  2. Wow. A whale of a van and still no 360 degree camera in sight.
    Wow. Another round of Honda’s very dated set of touchscreens.
    Wow. Another example of Honda stepping away from its roots of offering great value and features for the money.
    I last had an Odyssey about 10 years ago. This van is a minor improvement over that model.
    Talking about a business model of riding on past glory.

  3. Honda hybrid system is somewhat simple and less effecient but it also gains in driving exprience. The engine is constantly running, more like at idle even at speed at 60 mph.
    The engine is constantly charging/producing electric power to electric motor. Idling engine you won’t hear at all which will brings EV car experience which will continues at highway speed unlike Toyota. Yes, it’s less efficient but good enough for me and how long reliable their brand is, many of buyers will keep it over 100k miles. There would be no expensive battery replacement required like Toyota since it’s using engine to produce electric power constantly. It is about 10% efficient than compatitors but it will be good enough for most of buyers getting out of gasoline powered vehicles.


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