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2025 Honda CR-V Redesign: What We Know So Far

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One of the most popular compact crossovers in the market is getting a fresh look. Our sources from Honda can confirm the work is in progress and that the redesigned CR-V is coming out as the 2025 YM. However, they can’t provide details about the new look. Definitely, the CUV is going to attract even more attention than before. You don’t have to be a fan to expect the 2025 Honda CR-V to seriously challenge the #1 sales spot of the Toyota Rav4 in this segment. Well, if Honda wants this to happen, they will have to increase the production. Selling 400k units per year is not an easy task and Rav4 is one of the very rare vehicles in this group.

The 2025 Honda CR-V remains a model of the sixth generation, debuted in 2022. It is early for the next-gen crossover, although changes in the compact class are pretty frequent. The seventh series of the CR-V won’t be out before the 2027-2028 season. So, expectations are big from the 2025 YM, since it is the last facelift. The company won’t make radical moves. Still, headlights and bumper modifications can refresh the front fascia. A new trim level can make the build more interesting. The infotainment system needs an update. That will be enough to draw attention to the new CR-V.

2025 honda cr-v redesign

2025 Honda CR-V Plug-in Hybrid and EV

The CUV is already one of the rare vehicles that can offer its drivers 40 mpg thanks to a hybrid system. A 1.5-liter mill is very efficient. It is not as powerful as Toyota’s 2.5-liter engine, but this model can do 212 hp (7 horsepower shy from its main rival). Honda leads the way when it comes to the gas mileage, returning 43/40 mpg. Rav4 does 41/38. However, the Prime model upgrades the power output to 302 hp and the plug-in hybrid variant doesn’t consume much more gas.

The 2025 Honda CR-V PHEV is probably the priority in the US. The company already offers the plug-in hybrid in Europe, but those are two totally different markets. We can mention the specs of this model, but it doesn’t mean the US version is doing the same. The CR-V PHEV is good for 204 hp and 51 miles is an electric range. With such a configuration, Honda will try to attract buyers with an improved range compared to the Rav4, but with lower power output.

An all-electric model is also possible. Honda Prologue is a concept for future EVs. The most similar crossover currently in production is the CR-V. the Prologue is just a code name for the architecture, while the model that arrives to dealerships could be called different. The 2025 Honda CR-V EV is possible and experts believe it can do 230-250 miles of electric range in a single charge. Honda is serious about this project. Even General Motors is involved, and we all know how many EVs the American company launched recently. The upcoming vehicle will use some Ultium battery energy, while the design is all Japanese.

2025 honda cr-v facelift
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2025 Honda Grand CR-V

One of the novelties brought by the upcoming redesign is an extended version of the crossover. Usually, we see long-wheelbase models on large SUVs. However, the 2025 Honda Grand CR-V will just stretch the rear end of the vehicle, without increasing the gap between wheels. So, the Passport fans don’t have to worry. The Grand CR-V will take a new spot in the lineup. Still, a third row is possible, especially in Europe, where this is not going to be the only seven-seater among compact crossovers.

Trim Levels, TrailSport

The new package joined Honda’s lineup. It was a bit boring seeing the same trims for different types of vehicles. The TrailSport broke the monotony and added something special. The new package could also be there for the CUV. The 2025 Honda CR-V TrailSport would be an off-road oriented model. It shares engines with the rest of the lineup. Potential upgrades are special body parts, such as more durable bumpers, skid plates, all-terrain tires and 4×4 drive. Also, the crossover will sit higher off the ground thanks to the unique suspension system. Well, Honda is not a big competitor in this class, so we can’t compare the CR-V TrailSport to, for example, the Wrangler or Subaru Outback Wilderness.

2025 honda cr-v interior

When Will Redesigned CR-V Be Available?

The development of the new CR-V is still in the early phases, but the company will speed up things as the release date approaches. The compact crossover needs to be ready by the final quarter of the year. However, everything depends on the level of changes designers and engineers need to integrate. When the first spy photos of prototypes appear, we will know only a few months separate us from the debut. The price stays under $30k for the base version of the 2025 Honda CR-V. The PHEV is adding about $10,000. The EV is being developed separately.

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