2024 Lexus GX 460

2024 Lexus GX 460: Redesign is Happening!

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Even things like Lexus GX get old eventually and that’s exactly the case with the current generation of the mid-size SUV, which has been around since 2009. That’s why everyone is waiting for a full redesign. If we consider the recent overhauls of full-size models like Land Cruiser and LX, it feels like it’s time for the mid-size segment now, for models like GX and 4Runner. According to the latest reports, the GX will come first, along with the next-generation Land Cruiser Prado, sometime in the second half of the next year. At this point, we don’t know which designation will be used but we are pretty sure that the 2024 Lexus GX 460 moniker won’t be used anymore.

In any case, the next generation will bring a lot of significant changes and upgrades. Of course, the platform is the first thing that comes to mind, along with the new powertrain. Of course, upgrades are expected in terms of suspension setup, which would improve ride quality. Finally, we expect to see new aesthetics, along with the new cabin design.

2024 Lexus GX 460 rendering
2024 Lexus GX Render

2024 Lexus GX 460 Redesign

As we’ve just mentioned, this redesign is about to bring a full load of novelties. The first thing to talk about is the platform, which will be new. Of course, we count on the TNGA-F architecture, a body-on-frame version of Toyota’s contemporary platform, which already debuted in the aforementioned full-size sibling.

Of course, the GX will be downsized a bit but the benefits will be obvious. The new generation will be lighter and more efficient. It will also bring a full load of new technologies and also open up new possibilities regarding powertrains.

Naturally, we also count on a new suspension setup, which will improve on-road manners and make the ride not just smoother but also more engaging.

2024 Lexus GX 460


When it comes to exterior design, the new styling should take inspiration from the full-size LX. Of course, everything will come in a smaller package and we expect that the overall shape won’t be significantly different compared to the outgoing generation. We count on similar dimensions, including the relatively short wheelbase, which will preserve the model’s high off-road potential.

Speaking of the off-road potential, we expect a lot of standard and available features. All models will come with four-wheel drive, while we also count on upgrades like low-range gearing, locking differentials, hill-descent control, skid plates etc.


If you look at the current cabin, it looks old but still features impressive build quality. That’s why we have expectations from the new model. We expect to see a completely new dashboard, with more elegant aesthetics and nicer materials. Of course, we also expect to see lots of new tech features, maybe the same dual-screen setup as in the LX. A digital instrument cluster is also expected, along with goodies like wireless smartphone integration etc.

We already mentioned that the new generation probably won’t feature much different dimensions. Therefore, we also expect to see a similar amount of interior space. Most likely, base models will come in a five-seat configuration, while the third row should be available. The cargo area should offer decent volume as well.

2024 Lexus GX 460 Engines

One of the things were are completely sure about is that the current 4.6-liter V8 will be replaced. At this point, we still don’t know the details but the new 3.4-liter turbo V6 seems like a natural choice. That engine already powers models like Tundra and LX 600 and it comes in two output versions, with 350 and 389 horsepower. The former seems like a proper choice for the new GX.

The next-generation 2024 Lexus GX 460 is also expected to come with a hybrid powertrain. At this point, we still don’t know the details but we presume that the setup would be based on a turbo-four engine. The 2.4-liter turbo-four engine would come coupled with one or two electric motors and we estimate that the combined output could go around 350 horsepower.

We also count on a new transmission, probably an 8-speed automatic.

2024 Lexus GX 460 rear end

2024 Lexus GX 460 Release Date and Price

We expect that the 2024 Lexus GX 460 could arrive in the second half of 2023. The current model starts at around $57.000 but we expect that the next generation will cost a little bit more.

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