2024 Nissan Xterra Render

2024 Nissan Xterra: Is This the Moment for a Comeback?

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Back in the day, the Xterra was Nissan’s answer to off-roaders like Wranlger. It was a compact but pretty capable SUV, powered by a V6 engine. The production lasted for more than 15 years and eventually ended in 2015, due to various circumstances. Today, the Xterra has a pretty big and loyal following among SUV enthusiasts. Moreover, the market seems to be a little bit different than it was a few years ago. There is a bigger demand for genuine body-on-frame SUVs and that’s why we can find so many rumors about the 2024 Nissan Xterra comeback.

At this point, the officials are still quiet about this comeback but we can’t stay indifferent to all those reports. Moreover, the situation on the market changed and more and more buyers are turning back to genuine SUVs. Models like Wrangler and Ford Bronco are super popular, so we have no doubt that the Xterra could be a success.

2024 Nissan Xterra rendering
2024 Nissan Xterra render

2024 Nissan Xterra Design

Through almost 16 years of production, the Xterra had two generations and both of them were the same in terms of the base design approach. In both cases, we saw a classic body-on-frame design, with accentuated off-road performance and an adventure-ready approach. Both generations were rugged but also quite modern at the time.

So, we would expect something similar from this comeback. The new model would ride on the updated variant of the F-Alpha platform, practically the same one that underpins the new Frontier. We presume that the focus would be on improving on-road manner, but this would still be primarily an off-road vehicle.

In terms of dimensions, the previous generations were compact but the new model would probably get slightly bigger. It would become a mid-size SUV, though we aren’t sure if it would feature three rows of seats or not. In terms of aesthetics, the new model should use a couple of distinctive design solutions, but some parts could be borrowed from the Frontier as well.

2024 Nissan Xterra Render

Off-Road Performance

Of course, one of the key characteristics of the new model would be strong off-road performance. Besides body-n-frame construction, we expect to see a genuine off-road suspension, with a lot of travel and excellent articulation. Furthermore, short overhangs with respectable approach and departure angles are a must, just like massive all-terrain tires. Furthermore, we count on various off-road systems, such as locking differentials, two-speed transfer case, hill descent control and hill start assist, disconnecting sway bar and many more.


As for the interior design, we expect the new SUV to be rugged yet refined. The dashboard would probably look similar to the new Frontier, with just a couple of exclusive details. We would see solid build quality, attractive aesthetics and decent materials. Moreover, we would also see a good portion of advanced tech goodies, including a large infotainment screen, wireless smartphone integration and many more.

The old Xterra was compact in size and featured two rows of seats. The new 2024 Nissan Xterra might get bigger and, in that case, we could easily see the available third row of seats, which would make this SUV comparable with the super-popular Toyota 4Runner.

2024 Nissan Xterra Engines

This aspect shouldn’t bring a bigger surprise. Namely, Nissan is known for its skeptical approach to the electrification of pickups and body-on-frame SUVs, so we are pretty sure that the new Xterra is about to stick with six cylinders. We presume that would be the same 3.8-liter unit as in the Frontier, with a max output of 310 horsepower and 271 pound-feet of torque. The engine would come coupled with a 9-speed automatic transmission, which would send power to rear wheels in the most basic variants and optionally to all four wheels.

Alternatively, we could see something smaller and more efficient. One of the possibilities is to see a turbo-four engine, with similar power output but more torque. Some sources even speculate about a turbo V6, which would make a big step forward in terms of power and performance.

2024 Nissan Xterra rear view

2024 Nissan Xterra Release Date and Price

This comeback is still just a rumor but if we can trust these unofficial reports, there is a big chance to see the 2024 Nissan Xterra already in the next year. That model would come with a competitive price, we presume. We estimate that base models would cost a little bit over 35.000 dollars.


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