2024 Mazda 5 2015

2024 Mazda 5 Comeback: Rumors and Expectations

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Although we usually see Mazda as a manufacturer that offers vehicles that are stylish and fun to drive, this company also has a great history of making practical vehicles. One of those was Mazda 5, which was available in North America until 2015. Nowadays, we are getting reports about the possible comeback. Allegedly, the Japanese manufacturer prepares a launch of the 2024 Mazda 5, which would come with a completely new design and a little bit different design approach than before.

The previous generation was a pretty compact minivan, with notably smaller dimensions compared to other minivans on the market. We presume that the new generation would get bigger but we are also pretty sure it would remain smaller than the competition, which would make it more maneuverable, cheaper to run and also with a lower price tag. Most experts suggest a close cooperation with Toyota this time, as the two companies work on many things jointly these days.

Allegedly, the new model would come already in the next year, as the 2024 Mazda 5.

2024 Mazda 5 2015
2015 Mazda 5

2024 Mazda 5 Design

At this point, it’s hard to find any reliable information about this revival. The 2024 Mazda 5 is just a rumor, so make sure to take this article with reserve. If we can trust rumors, this minivan will come back after eight years.

The previous Mazda 5 was pretty compact in size, with a little bit over 108 inches in wheelbase. Moreover, it was based on Mazda 3 compact hatchback/sedan, so it’s no wonder that driving characteristics were pretty impressive. That model was highly maneuverable and a real joy to drive.

The new model, though, probably won’t be based on the new Mazda 3. Instead, it is expected that the 2024 Mazda 5 will be a joint venture of Mazda and Toyota, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a design that’s heavily based on the Sienna.

2024 Toyota Sienna
2023 Toyota Sienna


Even though the 2024 Mazda 5 is expected to share parts with the Sienna, we don’t expect such significant growth in size. Mazda’s model will still remain notably smaller than other minivans, which will bring benefits in terms of maneuverability and efficiency. Speaking of efficiency, we expect this model to use a hybrid powertrain, but we will get to that in a moment.

In terms of styling, we count on the implementation of the brand’s latest design language. Of course, this will happen in a portion that’s possible in this segment, considering that minivans always bring all kinds of specifics, regarding exterior design.


Although minivans are primarily practical vehicles, and people haulers, we expect to see a little bit of Mazda’s magic regarding cabin design. In other words, we expect to see a stylish dashboard design, with elegant aesthetics and nice materials. Of course, we also count on all kinds of tech and convenience goodies, which should make this interior look even nicer.

2024 Mazda 5 CX-60 Inteior
Mazda CX-60 Interior

Considering the size, there’s no doubt that the 2024 Mazda 5 will be less spacious than models like Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey. However, it will come with three rows of seats and the ability to accommodate up to 7 or 8 passengers. Also, we count on a decently sized cargo area.

2024 Mazda 5 Powertrain

Of course, this is one of the most interesting aspects of the new 2024 Mazda 5. The old model features a 2.5-liter inline-four gasoline engine with relatively modest power but great fuel economy. The new model would also be highly efficient, but also very potent. Namely, most sources suggest that this would be the aspect where Mazda 5 would benefit most from the cooperation with Toyota.

We expect to see a hybrid powertrain from Toyota, based on a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, which comes in pair with a CVT. The max output would probably go around 220 horsepower, while the fuel economy should be even better than in Sienna, which returns around 36 mpg combined. We presume that this Mazda could easily reach 40 mpg combined.

2024 Mazda 5 Release Date and Price

If we can trust rumors, the 2024 Mazda 5 could arrive already in the next year. However, keep in mind that the officials are still quiet and that the actual chances to see this model aren’t too big. If it arrives, we expect to see it at a pretty competitive price, with base models going under 30.000 dollars.

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