2025 Toyota Highlander redesign

UPDATE: 2025 Toyota Highlander Redesign Details

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Instead of a facelift, the Japanese carmaker launched a larger version of a midsize SUV. However, the 2025 Toyota Highlander redesign is now bringing even more changes. So, if you wondered if the SUV is being discontinued, this is the straight answer – Toyota wants to cement the #1 spot in the three-row SUV segment.

Highlander was already the model that dictated the pace in the class. It was the first three-row hybrid. Then, the company made a radical move by downpowering the system. On the other hand, the gas mileage jumped to an incredible 35 mpg combined. A plug-in hybrid is the next move. The system with 2.5-l engine and 300 hp is suitable, but the all-new Highlander could get a totally new configuration.

The current styling is from 2019. Highlander is still pretty attractive, but the company doesn’t want the competition to catch up. The 2025 Toyota Highlander redesign is going to make the SUV even more efficient, reliable and eye-catching. Nevertheless, official details are still unavailable. Fans are already making renders based on the new Grand Highlander, 4Runner SUV and Tacoma truck concept.

2025 Toyota Highlander hybrid

2025 Toyota Highlander Changes

The company is still keeping details from the public. But, leaking sources confirmed that Toyota is working on the all-new Highlander for the 2025 season. It is not a surprise, since many fans expected a mid-cycle update already in 2023 or 2024. The focus was on the new Grand Highlander and Tundra truck. Now, it is turn for the 2025 Toyota Highlander redesign.

There are a few ideas of how the upcoming SUV could look like. One thing is sure – the Toyota Highlander is not being discontinued. The evolution continues and designers will focus on aerodynamics and ride comfort. Toyota is well-known for its safety. Minor interior modifications will do the job. Extra colors in the palette and possibly new trim level are also things redesigns usually bring. If the Highlander PHEV steps in, expect fresh packages of equipment for this version.

Specs, Hybrid

Under the hood of the 2025 Toyota Highlander will still be a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. A 2.4-liter plant replaced an old V6. The company sacrificed power to improve the efficiency. Now, the SUV is producing 265 hp and returns 25 mpg combined. The Highlander can still tow 5,000 pounds. An eight-speed gearbox shifts power to the front wheels. An all-wheel drive is optional.

The new layout allowed the Highlander Hybrid to bring some unreal numbers. The SUV can return 35 mpg. This is impressive even for the compact crossover class. You will hardly find any other midsize SUV with at least 30 miles per gallon. Well, the power output is not so special. The hybrid system is centered around a 2.5-liter four-cylinder mill and even with an electric motor, the system can do 243 horsepower. A CVT transmission is standard, while buyers can still pick between FWD and AWD.

2025 Toyota Highlander phev

2025 Toyota Highlander Plug-In Hybrid

The biggest novelty in the lineup should be the new drivetrain. Like the redesign, the Highlander PHEV was expected earlier. When we found out about the hybrid version with a four-cylinder petrol unit, we could also assume the same plant will be the main source of power for the PHEV. It is practically the same setup as for the Rav4. But, Toyota is delaying the launch and it leaves room for more speculations. A completely new system might be added. For example, a 3.5-liter twin-turbo is already supplying the RX350h with 375 horsepower. With a plug-in hybrid configuration, the outputs can go up to 400 hp.

Packages and Options

The Highlander already offers a wide palette of choices when building the SUV. We mentioned two drivetrains, and some experts consider the Grand Highlander as the long-wheelbase model. It is totally different vehicle though with more space in the third row. This is probably the biggest downside of the standard Highlander.

Anyway, there are seven trim levels already available for the current SUV. The company is going to revisit the lineup, cut some, add some, and reshuffle options. The base L and XSE are left out of the combo with a hybrid engine. The PHEV version might offer even fewer trims. Color palette update is one of the keys for the redesign.

2025 Toyota Highlander interior

Pricing Updates – 2025 Toyota Highlander Will Cost More

Again, we are comparing the current model with the upcoming 2025 YM. After the redesign, the price is going up, that is for sure. The MSRP for the base version is $36,600 and the new one will gain at least $2,000. That is almost $40,000 and the entry-level package is going to be the only one under that mark. LE, XLE, and all others also cost more. Limited will be probably kept under $50,000 and the Platinum is the premium option.

The 2025 Toyota Highlander PHEV won’t be under $50k, especially with advanced packages and options. Hybrid engine is a good choice. It is a $1,500 upgrade, and with +10 mpg, you will return investment pretty easily.

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  1. I don’t like the info screens that stick out above the dashboard. Makes them look like aftermarket add-ons. Also don’t like the rotating transmission selectors. Too easy to screw up when you need to downshift while driving, and my fear is that with time, like any knob, they will get “play” in them.


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